America’s Heartbreak

Placeholder ImageThis has been a long three days.

Donald Trump has been announced as the President-Elect. Hillary Clinton has given a heart-breaking concession speech. Protests have sparked across the country. Hate crimes have begun to soar in Mr. Trump’s name. Division has been clearer than ever, as some people have declared outrage and others have declared apathy.

It has been a long three days, and I wonder what direction my nation is going. While I am hopeful as I see people dedicated to fighting for equality, civil rights and justice, I am heartbroken as I see the blatant lack of empathy, hate and/or misinformation of others.

Like many people, I view the election of Donald Trump as a threat. His election is a danger to people of color, to voters’ rights, to domestic policy, to international policy, to the economy, and to national security. I intend to discuss these issues further in depth in future posts.

The only thing the people can do to protect them and their interest is organize political action, understand the political system, and hold their elected officials accountable. Thus, I decided to start this blog. Here, I will talk about my understanding of mainstream political and racial issues. I will break down why I believe there is so much at stake after this election and I hope I inspire everyone who comes across my posts to be more involved with the affairs of this country.

Because this is meant to be a resource for you, if you have any specific questions or topics you would like to learn more about email me

“If people are informed they will do the right thing. It’s when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice.” – Charlayne Hunter-Gault 


One thought on “America’s Heartbreak

  1. It’s has been three long days. Where are we headed? Where will Trump lead us? Where do we want to go? Will we be inclusive or exclusive? Will we be color-blind or blinded by color? And what will it take to countervail? The future of this world is in your hands (the millennials). Please join the discussion and create the world our forefathers envisioned.


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